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How to Keep Your Living Room Neat and Tidy

Living Room

Last time, we wrote about prepping your house just in case someone raids your home all of a sudden. Having your living room clean and orderly pays off when the bell rings and you find an unexpected company waiting to be invited inside the house. Where do you expect him to sit if your paperwork is everywhere on the couch? Tidy up a bit, and your guests will feel more welcome. In any case, prevention is always better than cure.

Little things, big mess. What are the things lying all over the place? Magazines, newspapers, books, rags, milk carton on the table, the glass you used for last night’s juice, your work bag, the dinner plate still unwashed, and all the shoes you wore this week. Why are they all here in this part of the house? Notice that some things should be in your own bedroom – like your shoes and your work bag. Notice that some things should be in the kitchen – the used glass and plates. Notice that some things should have been thrown out – the empty milk carton, and probably the filthy rags. Little things that you fail to tidy up become one enormous mess. Not pretty.

Stash things where they should be. Determine which things you often use and put them where you can find them easily. These things are usually the remote and the CDs, to name a few. Put them where they should be, like, in the same table where the TV set is. The magazines you have, (and which you have already read but which you keep for guests) can be placed in a basket near the couch. Use your drawers to keep small items which might get lost if you just left them on the table like pens, pins, and other trinkets.

Bring out the duster. Put your feather duster into good news. An occasional dusting will helps prevent dust from piling up and ending up as thick grime. And don’t just dust the wide surfaces, dust the nooks and crannies too since these are the more liable ones to get volumes of dust.

Having guests will be more enjoyable if you have a living room that’s cozy and neat. After all, you never know when to expect company. So tidy up so you’ll be always ready for a home ambush.


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