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How to Locate Paint Problem Areas

Paint Problem

Flaking and peeling are common problems with aging paint jobs around the house. These are actually eyesores if the rest of your walls or ceilings are still in pristine condition. If you’re considering home repairs, here are ways on how to pinpoint paint problem areas.

Discoloration (often times yellowing) is caused by water. That means that there’s a leak through pipes or outside moisture is getting in. Another indicator is moisture-filled bubbles popping out of the wall.

Age can also just be it. Older plaster and paint naturally loses its bonding properties and the strain of the years of wear and tear can make it flake and peel.

Contrary to common assumption, thick applications of paint can also cause paint problems. Gravity and other forces can affect thicker applications of paint making the paint peel at the spots where paint is relatively thin. Thicker, thus heavier) areas might also “run” with the effect of gravity over time.

Repair is quite tricky since you might have to repaint a whole wall or ceiling to make sure that you have a color mismatch. This also means that you have to get the paint mix right.

In any case, the simple steps to repairing paint are to remove much of the existing paint as you can, scraping with a steel spatula. Remove any loose and crumbling plaster. Apply drywall, smooth and dry. Apply primer and paint.


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