How to Make Effective Decisions

Decisions… Decisions… Decisions can be swift or long-drawn. No matter how long it takes you to reach one, just make sure you try to make effective ones.

  • No magic 8-balls

    Don’t ask others to decide for you. Effective decision making involves introspection. Besides, it’s always best to take responsibility for whatever you do.

  • Settle for no less than the facts

    Sometimes personal biases and emotions may cloud your decisions. So get the facts straight. Look for possibly distorted ones and weed them out.

  • Split the pros and cons

    Decisions will definitely have effects on things. It’s the spark that’d cause a chain reaction. So before you make one, be sure to know what may be the consequences of your action. Though you can only see as far

  • Be calm

    If making a decision as a group, avoid hostilities. Clear thinking and not heated arguments is one of the best weapons in making a decision.

  • Persuade not argue

    It’s better to come up with a decision with everyone on the same footing. So it’s much better to persuade people in seeing your point of view instead of simply debunking everyone else’s opinion.

  • Write things down

    Seeing things in plain black and white helps you weed out things that needlessly affect your decision.

  • If in doubt, don’t decide

    Take a break. Watch a movie. Sleep. Just don’t do anything if you still don’t know what to do.

  • Simulate

    Try to run things through your head. Process things like a computer where you have and input, a process, then an output which translate to decision, a reaction, and then a result. If it helps, make a story out of it to help you visualize.

  • Stick to what you believe

    Never compromise your ideals. Stand up for what you truly believe in especially if other would like to blackmail you emotionally or mentally.

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