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How to Make It Up to Your Partner When You Are Busy Working on Weekdays


The weekend is just around the corner yet again. If for the past weeks, the two of you have been subjected to phone calls, emails, and quick dinners because both of you had to work late on weekdays, then you might need to do some catching up just to keep the relationship going. We all know that it’s going to take a lot more than that to have a satisfying romantic relationship. How can you make your partner feel loved when work is just eating up most of your time? Find time! Here’s are some ideas how.

Saturdays. No one wakes up early on a Saturday morning, especially not you who gets up real early for work Mondays-Fridays. But you can’t show your devotion by being a sleepyhead. Get up early on a Saturday, and whip up breakfast for your partner. Whether it’s just as easy as pancakes or a sandwich, getting up early despite your drowsiness is pure, unadulterated sweetness. Your partner will feel extra-loved when he realizes that you made sure he has something to eat the moment he wakes up.

Sunday. Start the day by going to church together. Attend the early mass so you can have the while afternoon to yourselves. Invite him to a drive out of town (somewhere close by so you won’t have to stay overnight because there’s work the next day). Enjoy the breeze as you drive off to a place both of you have never been to before. Going to new places will add memories to your relationship. It is also an opportunity to have your sweetie all to yourself. If this escapade ends perfectly as planned, you will look forward to another romantic getaway next weekend.

Willingness to spend time with your partner will show you that you are serious in keeping the relationship. No matter how demanding your work becomes, never let it get in the way of your love life.


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