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How to Make Meals Out of Party Leftovers


If you’re no alien to parties, then you know how it feels to have some leftover food. Although guests brought with them healthy appetites, there were still some food left over after. Minding the people all over the world who are starving, it’s a waste to send leftovers. Here are some ideas on how to whip out some treats for yourself from the leftovers.

Dinner Rolls. Cut the bread into cubes and use for homemade croutons.

Half-bottle of wine. Use the wine for cooking. A little spirit in home-cooked meals could make them taste like gourmet.

Fried or Roasted Chicken. Shred the meat and add to salad, or turn into chicken sandwich spread.

Ham, cheese, and vegetables. Use for breakfast (or midnight-snack) omelets. Can be used for savory crepes too!

Fruits. Chop ‘em up and store in fruit juice or syrup. Use them as toppings with whipped cream for pancakes or after-dinner desserts.


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