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How to Make Windows XP Look Like Windows Vista

Vista’s out. But you have two major problems. One, your PC’s specs can’t run Vista. And two, you don’t have the money to upgrade to Vista yet. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the sight of Vista interface right? Right!

Hence, the freeware gods have blessed XP users with the Vista Transformation Pack. You read it right, my friend. You can make your XP look like Vista. Wow!

VTP changes most of your system icons, skins, and toolbars to mimic Vista. It even comes with the transparency options. Plus, it comes with a docking sidebar and a new system clock. Really, really, amazing. And it’s all for free. Yup, VTP is absolutely free for both personal and commercial use.

Now the docking sidebar called Thoosje Vista Sidebar is also an alternative sidebar for Windows Vista which consumes 50% less RAM. This makes you wonder why Microsoft doesn’t make their programs such by default.

You can view the TVP screenshots at Softpedia. And you can find the download links here.


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