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How to Organize Your Recipes on Your PC

Dannon Recipe Box

Still got those little boxes all filled with recipes written on notecards in the kitchen? Well, here’s one tool for you to use since we’re all in the days of Web 2.0 and dual-core computing. Maybe it’s grandma’s chance to get her gravy recipe digitized for use by generations to come.

Here’s a digital recipe box for use on your PC – Dannon Recipe Box. It lets you store and organize your favorite recipes. You can sort recipes by course, occasion, method of preparation, main ingredients and other criteria. You can even include pictures to go with your own recipes. It comes loaded with staple recipes and you can even share these to friends.

It works with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

Download Dannon Recipe Box here.


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One Response to “How to Organize Your Recipes on Your PC”

  • Mike says:

    Rather than storing on your computer, why not store them in an online recipe box, like One tsp.? This way, you can even look through your recipes if you’re not at your home computer. Try it out at

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