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How to Overcome Boredom


I don’t know about you but even if I try living a pretty active lifestyle, there comes a point when I experience boredom. I had a lot of these bouts especially back when I was a desk monkey and living a pretty sedentary corporate life. And boy, did I grow bored a lot.

Boredom is a dangerous thing. It can lead to worse things. You mind begins to wander. And since you’re outlook’s low, those things usually stray on the negative. Sooner or later you begin to feel depressed. So you really have to snap out of boredom real quick. Here are some tips on overcoming boredom.

  • Do something physical

    If you think that the first thing to reach when you’re bored is the TV remote or just browse YouTube for hours on end. One of the reasons you feel bored is because your body’s in a slump. Blood isn’t pumping lively and you’ve got a weak production of adrenaline and endorphines. And one way to get those juices flowing is through physical activity. Get up. Jog. Jump rope. Do push-ups.

  • Do something different

    Routine is the root of boredom. Mix and match your schedules. Do something that you regularly do on Wednesdays on a Tuesday. If you eat dinner at home, eat out. Listen to other genres of music. Find a new hobby.

  • Talk to someone

    Just don’t talk to someone you find boring. In any case, we all need human contact. And when your social meter goes too low, you feel so lonely and dreary. So chat up with friends. Invite a neighbor for coffee. Get in touch with the old gang. Invite them over for dinner and have a blast.

  • Read

    Reading stimulates the mind. Find a book that you’ve been meaning to read for a long time. Chances are, if it’s engaging enough, you won’t even feel the time pass by.

  • Establish a private hour

    Give yourself one hour each day to do what you want. This break from routine will give you to reorganize your thoughts, recharge your brain, or just plain relax.

  • Rearrange your home

    Sometimes, boredom is caused by the environment. So why not shake things up a bit. Rearrange you furniture. Or make it a weekend project and repaint a room.

  • Have fun with your kids

    Family time is quality time. If you feel like you’re running out of the ol’ piss n’ vinegar, try to mingle with your kids. Try to do some of the things they do. Play video games with them. Play some street hockey. Throw footballs or frisbees in the park. Just don’t hurt yourself.


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2 Responses to “How to Overcome Boredom”

  • I think you should add Set Yourself Goals to this list. I find that if you set yourself tasks to do whenever you are bored and you can’t to one of your suggestions you can always try to achieve one of your goals.

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