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How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Stove burner

Your kitchen stove can be dangerous. It’s a source of an open flame that can lead to kitchen fires. But before that even happens, you can always prevent them by being extra cautious. You don’t want to lose your home just because you left the water boiling. Here are some tips how to prevent kitchen fires.

  • Always keep a charged fire extinguisher handy. And know how to operate it. Better get an all-purpose one (the one marked “ABC”).
  • Don’t leave something cooking unattended.
  • When cooking, turn pot handles inward. You (or your child) may knock them down accidentally.
  • Clean your stove top from grease. They can ignite. If you happen to experience one, reach for your fire extinguisher.
  • Roll your sleeves up when cooking.
  • Keep all flammable things away from open flame. These include wooden spice racks and potholders.
  • If a pan on the stove catches fire, slide a lid over it to “smother” the flame.
  • If a fire breaks from other appliances like microwave ovens or broilers, cut off the heat source.

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