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How to Relieve Heartburn


Heartburn” sounds like you’re a minute away from dying. And for those who have suffered from it can swear that the feeling does give you a similar sense. However, heartburn isn’t really tied to your heart. It’s caused by stomach acids somehow getting to your esophagus. Here’s how you can relieve heartburn.

Avoid. Certain food and activities do readily cause heartburn. Avoid those that can aggravate it. Things like alcohol, tobacco, certain drugs (like aspirin) and gassy and acidic foods would only make it worse.

Eat smaller meals. Large meals prompt your stomach to produce lots of acid to facilitate the breakdown of food. By limiting your portions, you also minimize the production of stomach acids.

Trim down. Added weight (or even tight pants and belts) cause pressure on the end of the esophagus making stomach acids more liable to get there.

Keep upright. If you are prone to heartburn, try keeping upright for hours after meals. Gravity will keep the food and stomach acids down.

Down antacids. You can always take over-the-counter antacids to neutralize your stomach acids. These also help protect your stomach and esophagus linings from the acid.

If you pain isn’t relieved by antacids or if other symptoms like pain and numbness in hands or a stiff neck manifests, get help immediately. That can already be a heart attack!


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