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How to Remedy those Carpet Stains

Carpet stain

Carpet stains pose a great cleaning challenge. But they happen all the time – spilled soda, chewing gum (yelch!), pet urine – inevitably. That carpet will take a beating someway, somehow. And professional cleaning might just cost you the same amount as having your floor re-carpeted.

Here are some tips on how to remedy those stains:

  • Dab it quick!

    You only have so much time before that spill’s pigments set as stain. So better dab (don’t wipe) it quickly with an absorbent cloth (an old towel will do).

  • Let some dry

    Some stains like mud can be dealt with a lot easier dried. You can first scrape it off before attempting to use cleaners.

  • Ice ‘em up

    Chewing gum and wax can be removed by freezing them with ice before attempting to scrape them off.

  • Test before using

    A lot of stain removers can contain some harsh ingredients that may harm your carpet. So test them on a inconspicuous area before using it liberally. Signs to look out for are bleeding or discoloration.

  • Some effective cleaning solutions for different stains:
    1. Dry cleaning solution for greasy stains
    2. Vinegar solution then detergent for pet urine
    3. Ammonia mixture for acidic stains (fruit juices, vomit. But don’t use it on wool!
    4. Soda water for water soluble stains
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