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How to Save on Grocery Bills

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Here are some money saving tips when going to the grocery:

  • Shop alone. Kids could lead you astray from your prepared budget.
  • Shop when full. The hungrier you are, the more food items you will tend to put in your cart.
  • Familiarize yourself with your grocery store’s layout. Look on the higher and lower shelves. The expensive items are found at eye level.
  • Do not let those big-size packages fool you. Compute the price per unit before putting a 30-roll tissue pack.
  • Stay away from the prepared food section. Those enticing smells will just lure you away from your grocery list. Stick to the plan.
  • Try out those store brands and generic products. The reason why branded products are more expensive is that you are paying for the name as well as the merchandise.
  • Buy meat in bulk and freeze. Be sure to separate them in individual portions first.
  • Instead of buying prepared meatballs, or sausages, or burger patties. Why not learn to make from scratch? Separate by batch portions and freeze. Not only is it healthier but it saves you time as well.

2 Responses to “How to Save on Grocery Bills”

  • My number one most effective frugal grocery tip: Make a list of the meals you will eat for the next week (or however long your shopping trip is to cover), write out all the ingredients you don’t presently have and then buy those items only. I save from 25%-50% off my previous grocery bill by doing this every week. Some weeks are anomalies, such as the week you plan to stock up on rarely used items (like, when the tea, peanut butter, bag of onions, sugar, flour, box of frozen meatballs and the laundry detergent all run out at the same time!), but generally, just buying what you plan to use, down to the item, will dramatically reduce your grocery bill.

  • Isabel says:

    Like mamaloo, I make my grocery list and stick to it. But I don’t make meal plan since I follow my flying mood to cook whatever I feel like.
    This is what I do. I made a program to make shopping list and keep track of the grocery purchase for each item by updating them with cellphone in the store. This way, I limit the purchase to exactly what I need for the whole family, and I receive the reminder for what’s running low in my kitchen automatically. :-) For me, minimizing the unnecessary trip to the grocery store is a way to save money, too!

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