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How to Save on Holiday Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Your gifts need not be expensive – but your recipients don’t have to know that. If gift-giving is important to you but you don’t want to spend a big portion of your savings, or if you simply have some extra stuff good enough to be given away, then there’s no need to buy new stuff. Consider these gift savers and don’t betray your piggy bank.

First things first. Make sure you don’t give the recycled gift to the original giver. This is a major catastrophe. To avoid this from happening, the moment you receive a gift you don’t want ( a.k.a. when you receive a gift you’re planning to recycle) immediately attach to it a label to remind you who gave you that gift. Keep the gift in good condition, and don’t use it because it won’t look brand new anymore. Next year when you’re going to give it as a gift to someone else, do some polishing to restore it. Wrapping it nicely will make it more special.

When you shop for yourself during sale periods, shop for others too. Expect that the holidays come with holiday bargains, so prepare your Christmas list as early as November. Also check items for price tags. Not that it matters, anyway. All gifts are special.

Look for gift alternatives. If you want alternative presents instead of deciding among a mug or a vanity kit, buy gift certificates from local restaurants and stores so your receivers can choose their gifts for themselves. This will save you from being the giver of an unwanted gift.


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