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How to Shine Leather Shoes

Leather Shoe

You may not be sporting the swankiest mesh of leather for your feet but having them shiny and glowing can make you stand out. With today’s world of shoe polishes with fanciful applicators, the good ol’ art of shining shoes seems to be fading into obscurity. But let’s face it. If you want to have that mirror-like sheen on your shoes, you have to go old school shoe shine.

Wipe and clean off dirt that may have stuck to your shoes. Moisten a soft piece of cloth with a bit of water to take out grime.

Apply cream or paste with a soft cloth. Work it into the leather using a circular motion. You might notice that the cream or paste doesn’t really make it shine but that brings us to the next step.

Using a soft brush, buff and polish the whole shoe. The shoe will start to shine with the brushing.

Finish the buff with another pass of a soft cloth. For a more mirror-like shine. Do the whole process again using paste max.

Alternate shining shoes with leather conditioner to bring back the softness of the leather. You can also use petroleum jelly for this.


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