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How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen


Look at your kitchen and examine all four corners. Isn’t it just plain… plain? Perhaps, if you’re a bit sloppy (or busy) you even have all your pots and pans scattered everywhere and grime has started to form in the kitchen sink and counters, your current kitchen needs more than cleaning and scrubbing. Take a picture of your kitchen’s current state and use it to mark the areas which need a total renovation.

Space. Your kitchen needs space. How else could you move around when making your pork loin? Think of a better way to use up your space without the unnecessary furniture and cabinets here and there. Take those tables you don’t really use and throw them out in the garage to make room for more space.

Windows. Ever wonder why the kitchen sometimes has a foul smell? (ok, not sometimes but always – the kitchen always stinks!) Perhaps you’re overlooking one small thing about ventilation. Your kitchen has to have windows where the smell of your everyday kitchen activities from cleaning the insides of a chicken to cooking up a stew will go away in time for your dinner.

Lighting. Sometimes a simple bulb just won’t do. Proper kitchen lighting requires careful consideration. You need a different lighting over the sink where you do most of the cleaning, and a different, more romantic lighting over the dinner table, where important family conversations take place.


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