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How to Start Losing Weight

Weight Loss

You may not like the idea of cutting down on your favorite meals, and being more choosy on your food choices but adopting to a whole new lifestyle which is healthier is worth all these sacrifices in the long run. If you have set something for yourself you have to keep that vision of a new you on your mind and work towards it. We’ll show you how.

Set realistic objectives and goals. Don’t think you can look like Jessica Alba overnight. It will take even more than a week. Even months! Looking great and feeling great is a long-term goal. If you fool yourself into thinking that you can drop several pounds in a week then you are not off to a good start. Acknowledging the fact that it takes time to sculpt your body to achieve a healthy form gives you a higher chance of losing weight. Otherwise, not losing desired yet unrealistic amount of weight can make you rebellious. If you’ve been cutting down on burgers for a week and you feel frustrated because you’re still not getting any thinner despite that “sacrifice”, you just might resort to your old ways – this time greedier.

Diet—not a bad word. The word DIET is not a bad word. Some people equate diet with starving oneself. The secret to achieving a successful diet is to not completely pass off on meals, but it’s about making smarter choices. Salad over burgers, or wheat bread with lean meat rather than cookies. Portion and calorie control is the key.

Have a workout buddy. Some say gym works because you see people like you working on a treadmill than on a plate of fries. There is nothing like motivation in exercise and having a workout buddy gives you more than one reason to regularly show up at the gym. Knowing that other people support your weight loss is uplifting especially when you’re craving for ice cream.


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