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How to Start Your Own Book Club


Oprah had the right idea when she popularized book clubs. Been wanting to read a book but never got to it because you’re just way too busy? If you are feeling like you have to catch up on reading then maybe you should think about joining a book club. It’s a more productive way of spending your extra time than just lounging around in your living room.

Start your own book club! Get your phonebook and check the names of friends who have the same passion for pages. Call them up and talk them into it! A book club is another reason to meet up with friends on a regular basis. Agree on a date and time when all of you are free, and pick a place which is accessible for everyone. You and your book pals have loads you can talk about! Still raving about the last installment of the Harry Potter series? Discuss Mitch Albom over a cup of coffee. You can list down titles of books you’d want to read soon and agree to finish a book over the weekend so you can talk discuss it next week.

Being in a book club gives you something to look forward to when things in your life seem routine. Don’t forget to create a fancy name for your book club


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