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How to Store Leftovers


Cooked too much for dinner? Got excess from the party? If you’re a tightwad, then you know what you’ll be eating for your next few meals. Haha. Anyway, leftovers are part of any household. No one wants to throw away food that easy, especially when things don’t come cheap nowadays. Just follow these simple steps in storing your leftovers:

  • Transfer, Cover and Label – Transfer your food into shallow containers. Cover or seal them tightly (Tupperware sure comes handy!). And label them with what they are and the write the date. You don’t want to mess up your containers too so you might want to use Post-Its or some tape and a felt pen.
  • Put your food into the fridge – Bacteria works real fast in heat. So it’s better to refrigerate food quick.
  • Separate the stuffing and the meat – That stuffed turkey was a treat! But you might want to store them separately.
  • Use within the next couple of days – While some food may last for a week, some don’t. Meat with gravy may only last for a day or two so better finish them early.
  • Throw away food that has a dubious smell – Food is not worth your health so if you have doubts about any food, throw it away.

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