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How to Take Care of Glass and Ceramic Cookware

Glass Cookware

Probably belonging to the more expensive tools in your kitchen are your glass and ceramic cookware. While they will be one of the best cookware items you have, they need extra case in handling and cleaning. This extra care would give you a lot of extra mileage from your classy glass and ceramic kitchen items.

Commercial cleaners. You would definitely find cleaners specially made for glass and ceramic. You can even use these on the ceramic parts of your range tops.

Grease and crust. If you’re fond of using glass and ceramics for baking, you may get a lot of burnt-on crust on your cookware. What you can do is soak the pieces in warm and sudsy water to soften up the crusts. For sugary and starchy crusts, you may add some baking soda to your sudsy water. For grease, some sudsy ammonia will do the job.

Stains. Some food stuff will probably stain your glassware (coffee is one notorious item). But don’t let those items prevent you from using your glass and ceramics. You can easily remove stains with two tablespoons of liquid bleach per cup of water when soaking and cleaning them.

Mineral deposits. Likewise if your water is hard, your glass cookware may have mineral streaks and deposits on them. You can use boiled vinegar as part of your final rinse to make sure it eliminates minerals that may cling to your ware.

Nylon scrub. Always use a nylon scrub for your ceramics and glass. Never use tough abrasive materials like steel wool. Chances are you’d scratch them.

Line the sink. Dings and chips will be your next bane if you aren’t too careful. Line the side and bottom of your sink with towels when cleaning glass and ceramics to prevent dings.


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