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How to Take Care of Your Dentures


Sad to say, with all of the highly acidic food stuff that we come to eat, smoking, drinking, and the age-old fear of the dentists, there have been many cases of tooth loss. Since we haven’t really developed the wizardry to make teeth grow back, the least we can have is a set of falsies. And it’s not like we live in the 31st century that we have nuclear-powered dentures like Prof. Farnsworth’s in Futrurama (I miss that show).

Dentures are something that have not only become necessary for our old folks but for some in the younger generations as well. Here are some tips on denture care and storage.

  1. With a lack of moisture, dentures can warp. That’s why we often see it stored in a glass full of water by granny’s bedside. Some dentures have a metal base. You have to be careful not to let those sit too long in cleaning solution for more than 15 minutes.
  2. When cleaning your falsies, make sure to clean it over a basin. You don’t want to drop them in the sink. For one, they can be fragile with drops. Two, they might end up down the drain.
  3. If in any way you feel uncomfortable wearing them, go to your dentist and ask for an adjustment. It’s hard to tinker with your own mouth much more if you put denture adhesive into the equation. You might just aggravate the matter.
  4. Just like your natural teeth, dentures need some flossing too for hygiene purposes. Leaving bits of food in between them makes it a breeding ground for bacteria.

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