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How to Throw a Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Your best friend getting married? When your best friend is getting married, you know it only means one thing – you have to throw her a bridal shower. But don’t worry; throwing a soiree need not be stressful if you know what to do. So read on. Schedule is everything when you’re deciding on a party. Get a calendar and pick a date which you think will be perfect for everyone you’re inviting. You can perhaps call the one person you’re most considering – your best friend. But if your bridal shower is going be a surprise, then you’re going to have to decide for yourself. The important thing is to make sure your schedule won’t conflict with your best friend’s own set of important dates.

Call a friend. Another friend. Let your other friends in on the surprise and ask them to help you out with the planning. Get a notebook and pen and discuss the important things you will need for the party and make a checklist so you won’t forget anything.

Determine the budget. Throwing a shower need not be expensive. But to make sure you won’t go way over your means, set a budget for it. You can always save on food. Serve easy to prepare meals or you can ask your friends to each bring a dish. This will be a whole lot easier for you so you can focus on the invitations and decorations.

Gifts. By virtue, bridal showers are gift giving ceremonies for the bride-to-be just around six-weeks before she officially gets hitched. So better be armed with your gifts.

Strippers? Is another guy in his flimsy underwear going to be there? Getting a stripper may just be a tradition for most bridal showers but be sure that no one gets offended by the plans. If the bride-to-be thinks seeing another guy in the buff is infidelity, better skip the thought.

Watch out for the video. You might be in some wild partying. And any wild partying with a video camera is a scandal waiting to happen. A video of the party may just be something the new couple could fight about, may even be a grounds for divorce or annulment just in case. So if you are planning to do some (naughty) things in the party, lay off the record button.


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