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How to Throw Guests Out Gracefully

After the Party

Having a party at your place can be inconvenient at times especially if some of your guests lack some tact. The party’s died already, it’s already late, and they’re still hogging your couch. One way too deal with them is to send some subtle signals. Here are some of the cues that you could drop saying “Get out.”

Close the bar. Forget the egotistic bastard who claims that he’s the life of the party. Food is the life of the party. It’s free flowing beer and chips (or the buffet table) that fuels the conversation. Once that stops, there’s less reason for the guys to hand around.

Yawn or glance at your watch. Subtle cues often work and most people aren’t too dense not to process those cues.

Start the clean-up. Start cleaning up. If emptying the trays, cleaning up the table, and start throwing things in the trash doesn’t do squat…

Tell them straight on. Say that it’s late and you still have work the next day. Just be polite about it.


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