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How to Work at Home

Home Office

Working at home is really nice. As I’ve written before, there’s a lot of perks in working at home. It’s becoming more and more attractive nowadays since there’s a lot of telecommute jobs that you can do over the Internet. Plus small and starting out businesses can start at home. But before you embark on a career right from out of your own abode, here are some ideas on how to work at home efficiently.

  1. Schedule your tasks. One of the risks with working at home is scheduling. Since you’re physically around house chores, you may opt to do chores when you get slightly bored with your work. While this can be tolerable, there are also the dangers of slacking off since you’re in close proximity of a bed, a couch, or the TV.
  2. Create a designated space that would serve as your home office. Not only will this create a designated spot for work “away” from the homey atmosphere. Just be sure that it’s designed to the right environment for you to be creative in your work. Need music? Put in a nice sound system.
  3. While a home office doesn’t really need the hardcore office stuff (office-grade copiers) try to get hold of the necessary equipment like a computer, a dedicated phone (you don’t want to share the home phone with your teenage daughter), a fax perhaps. A scanner can substitute for a fax/copier.
  4. For workaholics *ahem* who just can’t stop even if they’ve worked their paid hours, set a time to shut down your computer and turn off the lights. There’s a proper time to come out of your little shelter and get back to your home life, even if it’s literally outside your office door. It’s easy to make your home be a workplace and your workplace be your home. So get out and have a life.
  5. While you don’t really need a business attire working at home, try to feel respectable. The way you project yourself often transcends your physical look but also your attitude towards your work too. So don’t be a slopjock who’d telecommute in your PJs.
  6. Working at home can also force you to live a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re not too careful you’ll be putting in pounds (access to a well-stocked fridge) faster than you can blink. So since you have extra time since you don’t have to commute, squeeze in at least around 30 minutes of exercise just to get your blood flowing. Try to do more since you also log in less foot mileage that one needs just to keep in good shape.

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