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How to Write Good Love Letters

Love Note

Love letters = cheesy. Okay, so love letters isn’t exactly Web 2.0. I actually know of only a handful of guys (or girls) who’d go out of their way to write their beloved a tender note. Doing an informal survey of my female friends, they do assure me that a tender love note once in a while will make them blush in the very least.

So for prospective Romeos (or Juliets) out there, let’s revisit the fine points of writing a love letter. While no one can assure that a standard love letter writing guide will always work, at least these tips might help you avoid common pitfalls.

Courtship is a lost art

Despite my little informal survey, not every girl may want to receive a love note. Some might even find it corny which may only make it work against you. There’s really a risk in sending or giving love notes. So it’s up to you on how far you can go. In any case, speaking from experience, going old school with a well-written love note can really work for you.

Be honest, but also, make her swoon

Let’s face it, love letters aren’t exactly 100% truthful especially if you have corny lines like “You’re the only woman I’ve ever loved.” But most of the time, it’s the intensity that counts. But going too intense to the point of sounding unbelievable can go against you too. So be honest and mean every word you say. If your feelings are that real, it’d show in your letter. And that can be the “swoon” element every love letter should have.

Strike a balance

Strike a balance with what she wants to hear and what you want to say. Be committed to what you promise her in the letter. You may be caught with your pants down if you promise too much that you really can’t deliver. Don’t tell her that she’s the most beautiful girl if she’s got buck teeth, a unibrow and weigh 500 lbs, she may just feel insulted . The important thing is to make her feel important to you. Also, avoid using those well-worn movie cliches. You probably have to be Tom Cruise to make “You complete me” work.

Type it out

If your handwriting sucks, better type it out. That is, unless you’re a very skilled calligraphist or have a very good handwriting, otherwise, type. While this may be a bit “impersonal,” it’s a lot better than handing the beloved your chicken scratch.

Spell check

This is easy if you’ve typed out the letters. Just hit your spell check button. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having your own love letter get some proofreading marks. But what it needs besides that is reading it again just to make sure it captures what you want to say. And get her details right. Don’t misspell her name, it’s an unforgivable crime.

Variety is always good

The novelty of the love letter works best when rationed out. If you only keep saying the same things in those same two-page letter, then it can be Vary your notes in length. You may just write two lines today and surprise her with a five-pager the next. In any case, monotony will go against you.


2 Responses to “How to Write Good Love Letters”

  • khokon says:

    Good Love Lettar

  • Chadwick says:

    Something I am trying out is a twist on the Traditional love letter.
    A USB flash drive containing a basic text file, Picture of a rose, and a song to create the correct mood.

    This is set to Autorun when she plugs it in to her computer, but if it doesn’t work and she looks through the contents manually, instructions are given to open them manualy all at once.

    I think this is a good Idea but it depends on the girl.

    What do you think?

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