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IE Quick Tip: Get More Features with IE7Pro

If you’re really a die-hard Internet Explorer fans without any intention of defecting to “the enemy” then you’d probably need (and love) this IE7 add-on. Why? Because it gives your browser some more useful features (that are already found in Firefox and some of its plug-ins:p).

IE7Pro is a free IE7 add-on that puts these (Firefox-y) features into your browser:

  • Enhance Internet Explorer’s Tabbed Browsing Capabilities
  • AD Blocker
  • Super Drag and Drop
  • Mouse Gesture
  • Crash Recovery
  • Save Page to Image
  • Quick Proxy Switcher

Okay, so I’m really rubbing it in (I really don’t get it, but I do admire your loyalty :D). For the full set of features and download details, visit IE7Pro’s website.


2 Responses to “IE Quick Tip: Get More Features with IE7Pro”

  • This addons are awesome, It’s youtube download script help me an lot.

  • PEGGY says:

    IE7Pro :
    I’ve been using IE7Pro for a few weeks and I really really like it.
    Some would say it brings some of the Firefox goodness to IE7.
    ie7pro is a cool add on for ie7.

    THX,I lik it!

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