IE Quick Tips: Troubleshooting Favicons in IE 7

Jeff Davis wrote a great FAQ on Favicons in IE7 in his blog. There he addresses the following issues:

  • How do I make a favicon appear for my site in IE7?
  • How often does IE download the favicon?
  • I see the wrong favicon for some sites I visit. How do I fix this?
  • I put a favicon.ico on my site as you described, but it still doesn’t appear.
  • I verified that my favicon really is an icon, but it still doesn’t appear.
  • How do I create a different favicon for every page on my site?
  • I changed my site’s favicon to a different icon, but the old one still shows in IE. How do I force IE to update?

For the answers, head over to jeff’s WebLog.

4 thoughts on “IE Quick Tips: Troubleshooting Favicons in IE 7”

  1. Microsoft has removed the possibility of favicon, because they believe it is causing the error and it is not true. It is Microsoft that will set the standard for their browser because they have lost on the world market “Mozilla Firefox is the leader in the market currently and will probably not change much ;-) ” and Microsoft has received a setback with their new IE9 which does not support favicons.

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