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IE Tip: Get Session Restore in Internet Explorer with IEPlus

IEPlusIt’s one of the reasons why I never touched IE again even with IE7 and its attempts to be as good as Firefox. It doesn’t care about you losing all your work just in case it or Windows crashes. Firefox has a robust session restore as a default feature. But one consolation for IE users is that at least you can use add-ons in IE and one particular add-on brings that functionality to IE and a tad bit more.

IEPlus is an add-on that gets you a lot more mileage by enhancing IE’s default features, crash recovery included. And here’s a list of its features

  • Close tab when double clicked
  • Super drag and drop
  • Browse history management
  • Multi-proxy management
  • Mouse gesture
  • Ads block based on URL and content, URL shortcuts
  • Enhanced crash recovery
  • Hotkey
  • A power plugin system ready to be extended

Download IEPlus here.


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