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Insecurity Software

Since I’m in the topic of security in my previous post, I’m moving on to what I call insecure security. I know that we all should respect privacy and all. But the growing rate of web related mishaps have prompted us to be just a bit more paranoid about how secure our PC defenses are.

But what’s this? Has the web turned us into insecure freaks too? Tell me if this is good advertising copy or not:


And I kid you not with this. Head over to ViewSecret’s website and see for yourself. And here’s a full “resource” article on E-spy Software Online on the “signs” of cheating spouses which is featured alongside their software. And we’ve got plenty more where those came from.

If it’s all for the sake of being effectively affective, I think these advertising copies are sure to sell. But on the more serious side of things, doesn’t this reflect what we are more inclined to do nowadays? Cheating spouses, emo kids rebelling without causes, and employees undeserving of trust.

This is not about computer and software security anymore. It is about the trust we give to our own family and workers. And it is quite disheartening that other people are ready to pounce on that paranoia in us to sell computer security. Threatening us with viruses and stolen credit card numbers is pretty much valid, but cheating spouses? Give me the “What next?”

I don’t know it the testimonials given by “satisfied users” are posted in all honesty but this just shows that these software work for those purposes.

While I know that these are increasing problems in our society. Such ways of selling software just reflects the problems society. Yes, and this would lead to questioning how strong our society’s moral fiber and backbone are. Fear sells. Insecurity kills.


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