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Is Bill Gates Desperate for a Ballsy Vista?

Vista logo on basketball backboard

I love LeBron James. The massive small forward with a point guard mentality. I just hope the Cavs make the playoffs this time and really show why he can be the next Mike. I envy him too. Set for life and not even 25. Well, he was set for life even before he played his 1st NBA game.

But this time, LeBron will be dishing out passes to our friend Bill. Jeepers! Who would Microsoft get next? Is this sheer desperation to sell Vista to the public. You don’t need Vista for And NBA games for the PC sucks (Yeah, it sucks EA Sports!). So why tap LeBron for a massive campaign? I’m dying to know who’s next.

I really don’t see the feasibility of shifting to Vista ASAP. Just look at XP, took as many years to get to SP2. Plus the devilish hardware requirement.

Now, Mike Elgan writes this article, Wait! Don’t buy Windows Vista! and cites the reasons why:

  • Vista is incomplete – Yup, 1st service pack in the works within a year of its release.
  • Vista is expensive – $399 for the Ultimate ed?
  • Vista wants a new PC – That devilish hardware requirement.
  • Vista is time-consuming – Endless configurations.
  • Windows XP isn’t obsolete – You can still do a lot of things with XP, so why change it, right?
  • Vista may be the best reason yet to buy a Mac – Whoah, strong words from this guy. But with everything done online, and Mac capable of running Microsoft, Mac is really a very feasible idea.

Great points raised there.

Bill’s apparently trying out too many measures to get Vista sales up. He’s not waiting for the market to come to him by moving the market himself. I just don’t know if LeBron’s the right person to do it. LeBron’s getting better but he still hasn’t got Michael Jordan’s appeal. Remember the Bulls’ championship plus Barcelona 92? If Jordan sold dirty underwear, I bet people would have bought them. But LeBron? Not even a conference championship in his resume. What’s Bill thinking?

Let’s see how James squares up to this. Will he rack up points for MS? Or people just do a quick crossover to Mac?


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