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Is Bottled Water Bad for the Planet?

Bottled Water

It’s manbearpig time again, this time with bottled water. In some parts of the world, there is an emerging campaign against the mounting consumption of bottled water. For very obvious reasons such as health, first and foremost, bottled water seems to be a very practical choice for people who want to make sure they drink only clean water. So why then, is there a debate on whether or not people should continue to consume clean, bottled water?

It is (somehow) destroying our planet – for real. Can you imagine how many liters of water a person can drink every day and imagine that mass of water in 500ml plastic bottles. Then another question: Where have all the emptied plastic bottles been? Recycling is not the answer for this kind of problem. It has been found that only a small percentage of all plastic water bottles used nationwide are recycled. This calls for a faster, more expedient solution.

One other obvious reason why people are so into bottled water is lifestyle. A lot of people are into gyms lately and what is the best workout buddy than a jug of water to keep you hydrated? But think, do you really need to buy bottled water when you have safe tap water at home? Why not have a reusable and washable container instead? Fill it with the safe water you drink at home, let it cool in the freezer and voila! — instant bottled water without the earth damage.

There are many ways where you can help save the planet from threats like global warming; the very least you can do is to not help destroy it. Maybe it’s time to rethink how much that bottled water really cost you.


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