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Is Cursive Handwriting Dying?


Let’s face it, a lot of people in the world have not even used a computer. However, for those places where computers are king, this issue may just be relevant Amit of Digital Inspiration points out that handwritten documents are an endangered species.

I just don’t really know the extent to which kids are drilled in handwriting these days. The statistic is quite alarming. Only 15% of kids taking the SAT wrote in cursive, everyone else wrote in print. The reason – they aren’t really used to writing anymore.

I have to admit that I’ve had crappy handwriting since I was a kid but at least I strove for legibility. Ugly as my writing was, my written work stood to be understandable and that’s because of necessity. We often get docked points off our essay exams whenever the teacher didn’t find out handwriting clear enough. Now who’s to blame an old geezer with poor eyesight? At least that forced us to write legibly.

However, I did encounter a bump somewhere down the line. When I became a desk monkey armed with a computer and a laptop during meetings, I practically forgot how to write. Perhaps the use of my pen then, was to sign my name. My signature never required legibility at that.

When I entered graduate school, I found myself struggling with my cursive. Heck, make me type and I can do around 60-70 wpm with decent accuracy. It’s not just I. A lot of other bloggers there might point this out too. Too much time spent typing does make handwriting skills rusty. And we belong to a generation who spent a lot of years using pen and paper. So will this mean that the next generation will be keyboard ninjas all?


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