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LifeSpy Highlights for 2007

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As the year draws to a close, we’d like to reminisce the year that was in the context of this blog. It was a really wild ride for us here. Here are some of the more memorable events that our site went through for the past year. For auld lang syne…

Bloggy Network acquires LifeSpy

LifeSpy was the child of David Peralty. A few months old and our boss, Jacob Gower, decided to acquire it and place it under the Bloggy Network banner.

Alex starts blogging for LifeSpy

Okay, so it sounds really pretentious referring to myself. But I guess it’s a highlight for this blog. I started to write for LifeSpy, January this year. That meant that LifeSpy has a full-time blogger to update the blog several times a day, at least five days a week, for the whole year! Michael (over at Apple Gazette) started writing for the blog too but he went back to concentrate on Gazette and our other sister blogs.

LifeSpy gets a redesign

Ever miss that green theme that we used to sport? It was a bit crude. The font was too small and the green wasn’t all too reader friendly. So we decided to give the site a makeover last March (which was also around LifeSpy’s birthday). With the Elena’s (Design Disease) magic we ended up with this current theme. Blue, white, and a bit of red and black. Oh, and yes, the pair of sexy legs dangling from above to match. Spiffy!

Google hates us

There were also a few downsides this year. I guess even a great year can be messed up by a few things. And all of them were caused by our favorite search and engine, Google. Sometime July, Google AdSense penalized us for writing about topics concerning intimacy and some the mature entertainment industry. That meant that we weren’t earning any dough from the site for around three weeks. Then they decided to mess with us again earlier this month by flagging our site as a malicious one trimming our traffic by 60%. No explanations but we’re guessing it’s because of the “spy” in our name.

Don’t get us wrong. We love Google since around 60% of our traffic comes from search results. But those two events sent us reeling. And we haven’t really recovered from the last one.

Illacrimo theme release

As a value-added service from our end, we sponsored a free WordPress design theme dubbed as Illacrimo. It’s probably one of the best blog themes available today. I don’t have the figures of the number of downloads but I guess there would already be at least a couple of thousand blogs using the theme.

Traffic up by 2000%

And finally, as the year closes, we’re still going strong and hopefully things would still go our way next year. So right now, our traffic is up by 2000% from the start of this year and we hope to make the same push for next year.

And for all of these (except for the Google fiasco), we thank all of you loyal readers who spend time each day browsing our posts.


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