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Mac News: iPhone and the New Technology Buzz


I deferred posting the news of the iPhone launch, since, well… I’m not too excited about it. So forgive me for letting my personal feelings affect a supposedly objective takes on technology and lifestyles.

I haven’t really been an Apple user. When the iPod craze came (and went?) I was the guy who never owned an MP3 player. Yes, I love music, but I’m not the kind of guy who’d love to have something stuck in my ear. And if I were to own one, I’d probably opted for a Zen instead (yey for the underdog!). One thing that I probably regret a bit is not getting me an MacBook. Instead, I got myself a little sidekick (an Asus) with good enough specs for blogging and a bit of gaming too at half the price I’d pay for a high-end MacBook. Not that I have the spare cash to purchase one anyway.

In any case, I’d have to admit that when it comes to Macs, my only exposure to them is when I get the chance to work on the Macs in my former office. And I understood why they’re great and why people love them. Given the resources, I would never hesitate to get me a MacBook. As for the iPod, well, let’s say that it has become a status symbol and I’m a bit of a non-conformist at times.

Now comes the iPhone. As early as now, a lot of people have expressed their criticism against it. Besides, it is, to date, the largest effort Apple has put in reaching other markets, this time, mobile phones. While I like what I’ve seen so far. I think it’s a kick in the side of Microsoft with that touch screen since it looks like a miniaturized Surface interface.

I’ve been a mobile phone user for a good part of my life and what’s amazing is that, I never really went for the swanky phones, save perhaps during the glory days of GSM when I was one of the first guys to own the newly-released Nokia 8210 back in 1999. I’ve been an advocate of function and price over style. But I understand the buzz and the raves that go with a new product. So will I eventually get myself an iPhone. No… Or rather, not now.

In any case, Michael over at Apple Gazette is now a proud owner of one. And being the resident Mac blogger of Bloggy, I’d just point you guys over to his takes on this latest piece of supposed wizardry by Apple.


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