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Mac Tips: Find and Eliminate Corrupt Fonts in OSX

Here’s a Mac OSX Quick Tip from Michael from the Apple Gazette. This would help you get rid of corrupt fonts that may cause you headaches in the long (or short) run. Heck, anything corrupt is a problem.

  • Go to your Applications folder and launch Font Book (as pointed out by commenter Stephen, it has a space).
  • Select the one font you think is the problem, or sleet multiple fonts by holding down Command as you click on the suspects.
  • Go under the File menu -> Validate Fonts. This would bring up the Font Validation window.
  • If you get a little checkbox next to the font it’s good to go. If you get a yellow warning sign, there may be a problem, and if you get a red “x” then the font is corrupt.
  • If corrupt, remove these by checking the boxes next to them and clicking Remove Checked at the bottom of the program window.

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4 Responses to “Mac Tips: Find and Eliminate Corrupt Fonts in OSX”

  • Karen says:

    I have a Mac OSX at work which is relatively new to me. When I open Word it gives me warnings for corrupt fonts which takes hours to hit “okay” to each one. When I go into the Font Book they are not listed. However, in the HD, I did search for font and found multiple font folders – one with 1,430 items which says it is located at Users/AWDBT/Library, one with 285 items which is located in Library, one with 36 items which is located in System/Library, one with 5 items, Word Fonts (which the corrupt fonts aren’t in there either), the Font Book (which they are not in either), and some additional font folders. Is there a way to validate those fonts? Again, this is a work Mac, so I don’t know who put all these fonts on it, but obviously 100s are corrupt when I open Word. Thanks, Karen

  • Kurt Harlan says:

    Take a look at this page for some possible solutions . . .


  • Phil says:

    I do this and find a lot of corrupt and bad fonts so I attempt to clean it and it freezes on me every time. Nothing else running and my macbookpro is a gem. are there other programs out there like this?

  • Bill says:

    Go to Applications, click on Fontbook. When it opens, go to File and click on Validate Fonts. It will scroll thru and ID the problem fonts. In the gray banner near the top it will say “All”. Scroll down to Errors and Warnings, click and the problem fonts will pop up. Check the small box to the left of each problem font and hit remove. It will gobble them right up!

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