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Mac Tips: Flip through Browser Browser Tab with the Keyboard in Mac OS X

Here are some keyboard shortcuts for flipping through browser tabs in Mac OS X. If you happen to have different browsers, you might find the keyboard shortcuts a bit different from each other like how Firefox works differently from Safari. Apple Gazette shares these tips:

In Firefox

Hold Option+Command, then use the the left and right arrows to flip through the tabs you have open.

In Safari

Hold Shift+Command, then use the left and right arrows to flip through the open tabs.

A word of warning though Michael cites:

I had a lot of trouble with this, actually. Google was one of the tabs that I had open, and every time it would pass that tab, if I stopped for any length of time, the cursor would end up blinking in the Google search box, and it would no longer allow me to tab through the various windows without clicking on another tab first…very frustrating.


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