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Microwave Oven Safety Tips

Microwave oven

For bums and people on the go, the best appliance in your kitchen will be the microwave oven. It makes everything so quick and easy, minus the hassles of cleaning up pots and pans. Plus, you’re not dealing with open flame, so what can go wrong, right? Plenty.

Here are some safety tips for you to remember whenever using the microwave:

  • Don’t operate oven when empty.
  • Don’t put your face close to the door while it is turned on.
  • Exercise extreme caution if you have a pacemaker implant. Electrical interference may occur that can make your pacemaker malfunction. Consult with your doctor if your pacemaker has electromagnetic shielding.
  • Take caution when heating liquids. They can superheat. You might burn yourself while handling superheated liquid.
  • Closed containers can cause steam to be trapped inside that might lead to explosion. Ever seen an egg pop inside a microwave. Don’t try it. :p
  • Don’t put in any metals. Metals can reflect microwaves leading to some physics mumbo-jumbo that’s bad (like the formulation of toxic ozone and nitrous oxide from the “fried” air).
  • Take caution with plastics. Some components of plastic can melt from the heat and seep into your food. Some of these are cancerous. So take off Saram raps before heating them left-overs.
  • Make sure that you clean spills inside all walls and the door cavity.
  • Keep out of the reach of children. And I also mean don’t put your children in them!

Hah! And we all though microwaving is cheap, easy, and fast. There are other controversial health hazards about the microwave like if it could cause cancer or give you your sixth and seventh toes from the radiation. Anyway, nothing beats good old stove cooking for me.

Sources: CCOHS


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