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Mind and Memory Exercise: Dress Yourself Up Blindfolded


Our brain gets rusty when we don’t get to use them often. If you’re not too fond of crossword puzzles or geeky sudoku, then you might just want to mix up your daily routines. Make a mental challenge out of things. Here’s one challenge my friend told me about.

Say here’s one exercise you can do. Dress yourself up while blindfolded or just with your eyes closed. Just set everything on the dresser and accomplish it without having a look. Not only does this train your other senses to function without the sense of sight, it also prompts your mind to operate based on your memory of where everything is and how each article of clothing functions. Try it out, you might find buttoning a shirt or blouse can be a challenge without the aid of sight.

If you end up with everything’s where it should be and you look neat and presentable then congratulate yourself. One of the tricky parts here is trying to put on the tie.


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