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More on Water for Your Health


The last time I featured our favorite drink (not beer, water!) here on LifeSpy, I wrote about The Good and Bad of Water Therapy. In hindsight, I think I wrote too little of the good and how to make it good. So here’s the good of water, revisited.

  • It has 0 calories for you calorie-conscious!
  • Depending on your climate or physical work you might need more than the proverbial 8 glasses of water.
  • Water prevents the development of kidney stones.
  • It also prevents dehydration and guards against, headaches, fatigue, and lack of mental awareness.
  • Older people (around 65) should make it a habit to drink enough water. At that age, the sense of thirst may not be as strong leading to dehydration.
  • Mineral water has some good minerals in them. But if you’re on a low-salt diet, better check if your mineral water contains it. Some of them do.
  • Try to create a hydration schedule. Just distribute your eight (or more glasses) along the day.

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2 Responses to “More on Water for Your Health”

  • charles Onyeagba says:

    I have been taking 1.5litres of water every morning for the last six months and my weight have reduced from 92kg to 82kg. My appepite for food has also reduced and there is noticeable improvement on my memory capacity. People hardly beleive I am 40years old. Instead, I am classified under 32 year old range. With these benefits, I am inclined to continue with this water therapy. Can anyone explain to mw the main reasons behind these benefits?

  • Tasong says:

    MR Charles water therapy is very wonderful it flushing out toxins accumulated in your bogy , there is a constant metabolic activity in you body system so water help to constantly bath the cells of your by but the over in take is bad
    The Bad. One possible danger of water therapy is the unregulated intake of water. Our body has a natural mechanism of getting rid of excess water. If you take in more water than you could get out, then you are risking a possible fatal condition called hyperhydration or water poisoning. This could result into conditions such as heart failure, stroke or brain damage. When you reach the point that your body can’t balance out your fluid levels, you are also disrupting the balance of electrolytes.
    please kindly reduce the 1.5 L to 1 L

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