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Must-Have Tools for Your Home


Before the advent of computers at home, hardware means the good old things that you deal with the good ol’ hammer. However, things have changed since then. Ever had that one annoying neighbor who never owned a hammer but constantly borrows yours. Well, it’s quite annoying if you’re the handyguy neighbor. If you’re the parasite, go buy your own! Here’s a guide on assembling your own tool kit. Great for those quick and dirty fixes around the house.

Hammer – A claw hammer works best as you can pound the nail using one face and pry it off using the other. Not too heavy and not too light. Heft is one thing to check so that you can bury that nail with minimal number of blows. But be sure that the hammer feels comfortable in your hand. Cast metal is better than forged.

Pliers – Pliers come in different kinds, shapes and sizes. The ones that might need at home would be a needle-nose pliers, pump pliers (those that can grip bolts), and wire cutters.

Screwdrivers – Screwdrivers often come in sets. You can readily buy the four essentials in one set. Look for one- and two-point Philips and a 1/4-inch and 3/16-inch flathead screwdrivers.

Adjustable wrench – If you’re watching too many porno movies, then the plot may be familiar. Especially the tool – the adjustable wrench. Great for negotiating plumbing work.

Saws – For those wood and metal work, a set of saws will be essential. Generally, two saws are essential to your home – a cross-cut saw for woodwork and a hacksaw for dealing with metal rods and pipes. If you’re doing a lot of remodeling, a miter saw and a table saw might be essential. But you can simply rent these if it’s just a short term project.

Utility knife – Need to cut wallpaper, boxes, and cardboard? A utility knife always comes handy. Just be sure to stock up on some spare blades too.

Electric drill – A must have for drilling holes around the home. Assembling wooden shelves? Hanging a picture? Brute force using a hammer can be mucky, but not with the finesse an electric drill brings. These things make neat and tidy, You can also get one with a rechargeable battery pack for supreme mobility.


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