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Not Earning in AdSense? Read this

I’ve been featuring Adsense notifiers and a dear reader Kucau pointed this issue out: What if you’re not even earning to have something to track. No point getting notifiers at that. So I decided to pick out some great articles on how to maximize your AdSense potential first (Which logically should have been first before I featured notifiers. My bad).

Now there’s a lot of guidelines out there on how to maximize. But here are my top three considerations on dealing Adsense and increasing revenue potential.


First thing’s first. Put your AdSense ads up. Now layout is very important. There are a lot of “hotspots” guides available. IMHO, Google already provides a good guide on placement. But optimal ad placement really is really on a case-to-case basis.

Experiment! Observe your site and how the ads performs. If they don’t even if you’re getting decent traffic, then you probably have to reconsider your ad placement. But from experience the top three placements are: 1) banner, 2) sidebar and 3) in content.

Write Quality Unique Content

Now this has been the rave of most blogging “gurus” out there. Write good quality unique content so that you’d get people to link back to you. This increases your site’s PageRank, thus increasing your traffic potential too. Very logical, and important if you’d ask me.

But there seems to be a catch to this, read on to the next point.

Promote and Get Found

This, I’d take out from Ahmed, blogger for our sister blog Tech Soapbox. And I agree with his point that quality content doesn’t really ensure that people will look back to you. With the great many blogs and websites out there it’s quite hard to be in competition with established ones.

And mind you, that unique content is very hard to come by nowadays. Unless you can get people to be interested at you 1000 ways to tie your shoelaces (Wait, is that an idea? Gotta get me a copyright on that :p).

And here’s a great quote from Ahmed’s article:

There is a lot of great content out there. People who spend hours writing one single article, re-writing it multiple times so that it is flows nicely, conveys its points across, and doesn’t bore the user. But that is far from enough. You write this great content – how does it get found? It isn’t that Google sends out some magical gnome to check on your content. No, you have to put your head down and promote your site non-stop.

And here’s another one:

Now I do want to step back and say that unique content is important. High quality content is important. But without promoting it, you fantastic unique content will go no where. Unique content with no promotion vs so-so content with promotion results in the so-so content beating down the unique content.

So better promote yourself to let people know that your site exists. E-mail people. Comment on other posts. Call friends.

Yes, it may be shameless. But it helps. And you should try it out too.

Here’s a collection of articles on blogging and advertising from our sister blog, BloggingPro.


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