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Office Tip: How to View Two Parts of a Document in Word 2007

Editing on-screen can be a bore and a headache. For me, the best way to go is to still edit on paper. However, if you live in a paperless universe, then you may have to make do with what you have on your computer. If you have Word 2007, then you might just have to take advantage of several features to do the job. Here’s how you can view two parts of the document at once.

The Split-screen view has been present in previous versions of Office but with the new 2007 layout, you might get confused as to where these age-old goodies are. And there are generally two ways to do this.

First, you can still simply click and drag the Split view slider located at the beside the right-most part of the ruler. Double-clicking it will automatically split your screen in half.

Split Button in Word

If you prefer the long way, you can also Click View and the Split button. This will allow you to split the screen horizontally to your desired size.

Split View in Word 2007

Now you can view two parts of the document at the same time.

Split Pane

To restore the screen to just one pane, just double-click on the Split view slider.


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