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Office Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts for Creating Paragraph Borders in Word 2007

Paragraph BordersI’m glad, that among my circle of computing friends, keyboard ninjitsu is now becoming a standard skill. As with many cases, not having to lift your hand from the keyboard to fiddle with your mouse (or any other pointing device for that matter) to execute commands is a lot quicker.

If you’re using Word and would like to separate paragraphs by creating borders in a jiffy, here are some quick keyboard shortcuts that lets you create different border styles by keying in a symbol three times and hitting Enter. Word will automatically create one for you.

Symbol Shortcut Style
Minus sign (-) — + Enter Hairline
Underscore (_) ___ + Enter Thick
Equal sign (=) === + Enter Double
Hash mark (#) ### + Enter Triple
Tilde (~) ~~~ + Enter Wavy
Asterisk (*) *** + Enter Dotted

This feature is actually part of the
AutoCorrect feature that you can also use to do a whole lot of other things.


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