More Online Office Suites for Collaboration and Management

I’ve been rally hyping on office suites for their use as free and quick (no set-up required) document manager and collaboration software. So far I’ve only really used Google Docs and Spreadsheets until I stumbled upon a few others that you might want to consider.

Here they are:

The good part is that all of them are free! And for a roundup of their features:

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet editor
  • Chat for collaboration
  • Sharing across users

Ajax 13

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet viewer
  • Graphics editor
  • Presentation software
  • Media Player
  • No saving on online server (no sharing!)

ThinkFree Office Online

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet editor
  • Presentation software
  • Best compatibility with MS Office

Zoho Office Suite

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet editor
  • Project management software
  • Presentation software
  • Database manager
  • Reminders/notes
  • Organizer
  • Groupware with calendar
  • E-mail client
  • Chat
  • Wiki software
  • A lot of features causes it to be sluggish
  • Source: Computerworld

    4 thoughts on “More Online Office Suites for Collaboration and Management”

    1. Sorry, Obama. I’d like to clarify, “cheaper?” The ones I mentioned above are fully functional at no cost. Unlike Basecamp and Central Desktop which have more features but requires sign-ups and fees to get hold of all of them.

      The ones I featured above are free. I’m more into looking at those that entail no cost all. Saving even $20 is still saving. Thanks for the heads-up though. I’m sure readers would also be interested in paid collaborative software.

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