Download: Run Programs in Different Resolutions with Reso

ResoSo probably not everyone will be needing this functionality but for power users, testers, and designers, this may yet be a must-have for them. There are times when you just have to change your display resolution whether it’s to try something out in a different resolution than your default. For those who have done so, you might have needed to manually switch your display settings over and over again.

Not anymore with Reso.

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A Few Thoughts on Homeschooling


Homeschooling has become the better option for some parents. And why not? The university has always been the academic institution where all kids hone and work on their talents, but there is the perpetual belief that home is the best school and parents are in turn, the best teachers of their kids. There is also the fear and the fact that universities have been the sites of no few notorious crimes.

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Money in Hand

Small Business Tip: Consider Franchising

Money in Hand

Are you an aspiring businessman? To be honest, being an entrepreneur is becoming a more attractive option than being a desk monkey. If you’re tired or everyday routines of a regular employee, then running a business could be the better option for you. If you seek freedom from the office and from your boss then maybe it’s time to be your own boss. But putting up a business on your own can be tricky.

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Windows Tip: Hide Desktop Icons Registry Hack in Vista

For some obsessive-compulsive geeks out there, there’s nothing better looking than a clean desktop – especially if one wants to flaunt a great wallpaper. However, even if one really tries to keep the desktop organized, eventually, a darned icon will pop up somewhere.

If you really want to have a clean desktop, you can actually do it in two or so strokes. Just select everything and send them all to the Recycle Bin and hid all the desktop items (Computer, Documents, and Recycle Bin via desktop personalization). If you’re feeling all power user-y, however, you can do this nifty registry hack that would hide your icons.

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Tech News: YouTube Now Has Multi-File Uploads and a 1GB Cap

YouTubeI wonder what YouTube is aiming at here. After being sued for billions and the developing its anti-piracy devices, YouTube now offers services that inspires people to just go beyond posting clips and short features. The services are now extended to multi-file uploads and files now have a 1GB cap per file.

But don’t think that you’d be able to rejoice with such news. If you think you’d be able to upload full-length features just because of the 1GB cap, think again. There’s still a 10-minuter-per-video cap. Thus, I don’t really get why the heck would they boast of a 1GB cap. I mean how large could a 10-minute video clip be. Unless of course, it’s encoded using uber-high resolution.

The multi-file upload page is only accessible if you install a small program (much like Google Gears). There’s only a Windows version available but a Mac version is said to follow.

Check out the multi-file upload page.

Gearing Up for Thanksgiving


What does Thanksgiving mean to you – whole day of preparation, cleaning the house, and cleaning it again when the party is over? (Oh and the chunks of turkey and vats of cranberry sauce too…) You may just be focusing on the wrong side of the holiday. Of course a feast always feels like a challenge but this is only because you want another Thanksgiving best for your family. In the end you’ll be thankful you made everyone feel grateful.

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