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How to Break a Door Down

Say, you’re in such a highly-unlikely scenario where you have some baddies place you in a room, lock the door up and swallowed the key. You managed to free yourself from the ropes that bind you and all you have to do is to knock down the door and into sweet freedom. What will you do? A. Ram the door …Continue reading →

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How to Put Agressiveness in Check

Take note that we used “aggressiveness” here instead of “aggression” since we’d want to focus more on attitude rather than with rage issues. Now, aggressiveness in the workplace is often associated to those high-achievers. While this can be beneficial for some organizations, if these people get mixed up in one place, the results can be catastrophic.

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Firefox Quick Tip: Firefox is Out

Just got my Firefox updated to 2.0.08. No better notification than that right? Just a message saying that the updates are out and you’re good to go. Now it isn’t really that long until we finally see 3.0b but I just can’t wait for it. These releases ( are security updates to the browser. According to the release notes, here …Continue reading →

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Keeping a Long-Distance Relationship

Being in a relationship gives a person sheer joy. But where does love start and depression end when the relationship you’re in is what’s known as an LDR (long distance relationship)?

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3 Tips to Keep Oneself in Good Shape

The battle against weight loss. More and more people are getting into weight loss programs – from diets to gyms, a growing number now think that they have a weight problem. But just because you want to look like a model doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself to death! The sexiest body is a healthy body. Your weight should …Continue reading →

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Cold Hands Signal Stress

Cold hands are often signals of nervousness. But it can also manifest as a result of stress. Cold hands even if you’re safely indoors is your body’s way saying that you have to take things slower. However, there are ways to manage this. Research on biofeedback reveals that warming your hands whenever cold hands manifest can reduce stress load.

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Insulating Your Home

It’s nearing the cold months again and you should be looking into checking your insulation. Proper insulation will save you a lot in heating bills over the cold months. The ideal time to do this is spring since fall is the busiest time for contractors. However, since it’s already way past the good summer months, better start taking steps for …Continue reading →

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How to Make Poor Man’s Irish Cream

We featured how to make long island iced tea a few days back. Here’s something that you might want to concoct if you’re craving for some really thick and creamy brew. Not that it’s icky, it’s Poor Man’s Irish Cream. Try it!

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Know the Right Glue for the Job

Have you ever tried salvaging a broken vase by using but ended up frustrated because the glue won’t stick? I have and I found out through a little research that this dilemma results from one thing – wrong glue. So the key to bonding perfection is to know the right glue for the job.

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Eat Your Way to a Happier You

Have you ever wondered why the big bad wolf was bad? Well, he was hungry; who wouldn’t be in the same mood? Come on, admit it, you suddenly become inexplicably irritable when you’re hungry. The connection just seems natural. You only know you have to grab and consume everything out of that cookie jar. Read on, and know which foods …Continue reading →

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