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How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Less than a week away and your home still looks like it was ravaged by a pack of feral kids (which is what you expect your home to be if you’ve got young kids at home). But fret not, you can still do a quick makeover to your home so that you can deck the halls with holiday cheer. Here …Continue reading →

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How to Avoid Holiday Fires

Within moments, a fire can instantly claim everything you have – your home, your personal belongings, your family, and even your life. Incidents of fire are as common as heavy traffic and a single mistake / negligence in electrical wiring, for example, can leave you homeless in the blink of an eye. The best thing to do is to take …Continue reading →

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How Not to Be the Grinch this Christmas

Every year, at least one of our family members turns into a Grinch – mean, green, and irritable. And also every year we avoid this person, fearing that his dark cloud will not eat up your holiday spirit.

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Windows Tip: How to Make the Task Manager in the System Tray at Startup

The Geek (over at How-to Geek) wrote about how you can make the Task Manager run in the system tray at startup. It’s a great tutorial only it requires too many steps to accomplish. It gives you a great step-by-step tutorial on how you can do it manually in Windows, though. Here’s our version with a few steps trimmed down.

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Tech News: Google Talk Translation Service Now Available

All I can say is Wow. How nifty can this be. An instantaneous translation service just like having a personal dictionary available with you. And they made it possible by letting you chat with a bot. What’s even more interesting is that this service within GoogleTalk has a lot more language pairs than Google Translate. It makes you wonder why …Continue reading →

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How to Protect Your Garden from the Cold

Winter is not just about trendy faux fur coats and snow storms, it’s also about your garden being a victim of the fierce cold. As soon as temperature starts to drop and the cold has become too cold, you’ll find that some of your plants will die. So much for your gardening efforts the whole year; when winter comes it …Continue reading →

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How to Keep Track of Things that You Often Forget

So you forgot that 3 PM meeting with the boss? Forgot to buy dog food again? Lights are off because you forgot to pay the bills? Getting older isn’t too kind for one who’s born forgetful. Here are a few things that can help you keep track of things that you often forget.

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Download: Merge and Split PDF Files with PDFSam

Ah, more on PDF management. It’s really tough when PDF is still proprietary and the only way to have absolute and fanciful control over PDFs is to purchase Acrobat Professional. But for cheapskates like the rest of us, paying top dollar isn’t just an option. Thank goodness for all the free stuff that can create PDFs. However, a couple of …Continue reading →

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Basic Tips for Pet Lovers

All pet lovers should know the basic things that entail having a pet. After all, tending for an animal is not an easy task. If you like the idea of carrying your pooch on your arms when you shop, then you definitely must know these pet lover’s lifesaver tips.

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How to Prepare for Snowstorms

Snow is getting heavier by the minute, and it’s not so pretty when it’s turning out to be a snowstorm. Prepare for such dangers before it’s too late. Know what to do so that you can ensure your family’s safety when the snow becomes a threat.

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