How to Get the Best Tables in Restaurants

Restaurant Seats

Dining in a restaurant can be an unpleasant event especially when you get one of those crazy seats like where no waiter ever sees you even when you’re waving like hell or somewhere near the kitchen where foot traffic is just heavy. And it could be worse especially if it’s for a business meeting for a big account that you’re closing or a date with the person of your dreams. In any case, to avoid the embarrassment, here are some tips on getting the best seats in town.

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Tech News: Microsoft Launches Translation Service

Windows Live Translator BetaMicrosoft has really shifted its attention from building “quality” operating systems (like they’ve really accomplished it all of these years) to web services. Windows with the Windows Live services is really trying to play catch-up to Google is you ask me. Live Search. Live Messenger. Now Windows Live Translator. It’s still in beta but it’s up and running.

While it features translation from an English page to a lot of languages including German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, it only allows you to translate a limited 500 words. It allows you to translate web pages, though.

The services uses Systran to power its translations which can also be found in some Google services. However, Microsoft does offer translation of computer-related texts using an machine translation system that they’ve developed internally. It can be used to translate materials like technical items found in the MSDN Library.

Via Google Operating System

In the News: UK Soon-to-Be Mommies Get Support for Food


You really have to applaud how the UK is approaching they could service their citizens. Their latest move? Provide a one-time payoff of 200 quids to pregnant women from the 29th week of pregnancy. This is aimed to address the concerns of infant mortality and health inequality gaps.

Poor diet among expecting mothers is the leading reason why there are low birth weight rates. By providing this grant, developing babies now have the chance to get appropriate nutrition through their moms. Poor nutrition can affect a human being’s health from childhood to adult life.

One issue raised against this move, however, is the concern whether mothers would honestly spend the grant on her nutrition.

Still, I personally think that this is a great initiative from the side of government. While this can be viewed as a short-term solution to address immediate concerns, it somehow extends to the long term by encouraging a healthy population starting from pregnancy.


Firefox Quick Tip: Open Multiple Links by Drawing Boxes with Snap Links

Snap LinksPerhaps one peeve of mouse ninjas is, if they want to open several links in a page, they have to click on each and everyone of them. While the middle mouse button provides a bit of comfort by opening links in a new tab, it doesn’t solve the problem of multiple clicking. And again, since we’re using Firefox, we just have an extension for it.

Snap Links allows you to open several links in tabs just by clicking and dragging a box around them. You can even set the links to open in windows, be copied to the clipboard, even bookmarked and downloaded.

It’s ideal for pages with multiple links, like search engines. What I personally like about it is the way it minimizes all the clicking into one. Just click and drag and all the links will open for you.

Download Snap Links here.

How to Make Money


Aahh. Money. It’s great to have money. It can’t buy you love, but it can sure as hell buy you a lot of other things. It’s probably everyone’s dream to live the good life, right? However, while it may a bit too optimistic to dream of retiring a millionaire, being driven around in a limo, living in a mansion, and spend idle hours by the pool sipping Bacardi, that shouldn’t stop you from knowing the feeling of having no liabilities and only seeing your assets grow.

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Firefox Quick Tip: Convert Dates on eBay to Your Timezone

myTimeZone for eBayShopping on eBay is one thing that you can really consider. Some things you can really get cheap online. However, if you’re trading internationally, you might have a bit of problem keeping track of dates especially if you’re in a different and distant timezone. In fact, that can even make you totally forget about your bids and get outbid at the last second since you probably thought that the closing is still a few hours away.

So forget about doing mental conversions and just install this neat plug-in. Once installed myTimeZone for eBay automatically detects your timezone and converts the dates and times displayed on eBay to your own timezone.

Aside from converting date and time, the plug-in also does total price calculation – it adds another column to search listings to display the total of the item price and shipping costs. One more feature it provides is currency conversion. It can automatically show the total price in any 5 currencies and update the rates daily.

Download myTimeZone for eBay here.

Protect Your Money After a Breakup


What happened about “conjugal”? Here’s what happened. The two of you broke up for good. Aside from physical distance and emotional separation, you should also be raking in your money which is rightly yours. Gone are the days of sharing because you are officially not a couple anymore. Don’t let yourself be dragged down to a financial problem caused by your ex’s spending. Protect yourself and your money as soon as you call it quits. Continue reading