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Tech News: An Improved Google Reader with Search

Google Reader is one service that I keep constantly open in a tab in my browser. And a lot of wishes about it have just come true. The new improvements were announced a day ago but it’s only now that Google has finally given me an opportunity to try it out. In any case, I’m loving each and everyone of …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Add Auto Shutdown Feature for Your Downloads

Ever since download managers have become popular, the auto shutdown feature has become standard with these managers. Even peer to peer software have featured this option. While Firefox integrated a relatively better download manager (compared to IE), it doesn’t carry that feature. But at least you can install an extension that lets you do so. Auto Shutdown adds an icon …Continue reading →

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How to Make Sure that Your Supermarkets are Clean and Safe

Shopping at a supermarket is one of the most typical routines that you’d for your household. With all the large establishments located practically almost everywhere today, the whole process of shopping for groceries has become a lot more convenient. However, while the convenience is there, one thing that these establishments might compromise is their cleanliness and safety. Many offer 24 …Continue reading →

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How to Hold a Girls Night In

┬áIt is still quite a wonder how girls get fun out of slumber parties – being together in one room and talking about clothes, makeup, boys, secrets, and all sorts of girly stuff – non-stop. But what’s a bigger wonder is big girls do love to relieve the experience even when they’re ten or fifteen years out of high school. …Continue reading →

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How to Arrange Flowers to Keep Them Fresh

Pamper your flowers. Blooms won’t last forever, but they can last long. If you know how to care for your blooms, then you can enjoy your flower arrangement longer than you expected.

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Overdoing Style: 3 Fashion Pitfalls

Overdoing some fashion and style can make you a lot less fashionable than you think. Three things that we’d like to raise for now – tanning, outfits, and hair color. Overdoing these three can make you look like a fashion victim rather than a fashion icon.

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Small Business Tip: Have a Website Up and Running

A lot of small business owners think that websites are just for larger companies or only to those companies related to technology. What’s the point in shelling out cash that could be used to purchase a few more office comforts for your employees, right? Well this is where you can explore and weigh the merits of getting a website up …Continue reading →

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A Few Tips on Going Vegetarian

Deciding to totally refuse meat and stick with a vegetable diet can be either good or bad for you. Even though various campaigns generally state that you should go on a vegetable diet, don’t drastically change your eating habits without doing your research. If you go meatless, you will lose weight, increase your fiber, and reduce your cholesterol level. But …Continue reading →

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Windows Tip: Spawn Dummy Text in Microsoft Word

When it comes to dummy text, I always go by the eternally useful Lorem ipsum sequence. That means that I have to use its own generator or the text sequence saved comfortably in a text file ready for my use. However, for Microsoft Word users, you don’t have to pull up any other generator just to place dummy text on …Continue reading →

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Download: Remove Empty Directories

If you’ve neglected cleaning and organizing your files for some time, you may be in for one tough job. Ever wondered where all of those bytes went? While most of the “lost bytes” in Windows are due to the shadow files and restore points, some of the overlooked ones are due to empty directories. So here’s a download to help …Continue reading →

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