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How to Make It Up to Your Partner When You Are Busy Working on Weekdays

The weekend is just around the corner yet again. If for the past weeks, the two of you have been subjected to phone calls, emails, and quick dinners because both of you had to work late on weekdays, then you might need to do some catching up just to keep the relationship going. We all know that it’s going to …Continue reading →

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3 Skills that You Might Want to Learn

Think you’re too old to learn how to ride a bike? Perhaps. But you’re not too old to learn anything new. Start things out as a past time for a weekend. Who knows, you might even turn some into hobbies. Give yourself a chance at learning some new knack instantly – by trying out these activities on a weekend.

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How to Offset a Stressful Day at Work

How do you offset a stressful day at work? By ending it with a soothing night! Does your work suck? You won’t really feel this way if you love your job. But the thing is, it ain’t much fun if it leaves you all stressed out, regardless of whether or not the paycheck is a whopper. True, you have to …Continue reading →

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How to Rebuild a Damaged Friendship

One other thing that can make you feel super depressed is friendship gone bad. Having a fallout with a friend is very critical, and it feels like losing a limb. When someone who used to be very close to you suddenly becomes distant and aloof, it’s very hard not to fret over it with the level of fretting snowballing depending …Continue reading →

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How to be a Step Closer to Your Goals

What are the things you feel you are yet to do, to have, to achieve? Life usually shows us that you have to work hard for the things you need, and even harder for the things you want. If you want more than what you have now, it’s time to focus your mind on building your future. Here are a …Continue reading →

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How to Assert Yourself

It doesn’t mean projecting your personality at all times, making you seem like a snotty bitch. It means gaining people’s respect on your own opinions, feelings, and all the things you have to say. When you are talking to your colleagues and officemates, you can’t let them just cut you off when you know you have a major point or …Continue reading →

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How to Throw Guests Out Gracefully

Having a party at your place can be inconvenient at times especially if some of your guests lack some tact. The party’s died already, it’s already late, and they’re still hogging your couch. One way too deal with them is to send some subtle signals. Here are some of the cues that you could drop saying “Get out.”

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Download: Make Your Computer Make Fun of You with Insult

Nope. It’s not Windows messing with you as always (it sucks how all those errors make you look like an idiot). But in terms of potshots taken, I bet you’ve insulted your computer a lot more than what a normal person can take in a lifetime. So wouldn’t it be time for your computer to take potshots at you for …Continue reading →

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How to Minimize Ear Pain When Flying

Ear pain while flying is caused by your eardrums expanding and contracting due to the changes in pressure. This might often cause discomfort, slight hearing loss, ringing in ear and dizziness. Here are some prevention techniques.

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Champagne Bottle Opening Trick

Opening a bottle of champagne will be easier if you chill it in a bucket filled with ice rather than chilling the whole bottle inside the refrigerator. The reason? Chilling the whole bottle would make the whole thing contract squeezing the cork firmly in place. With the neck clinging to the cork, you might not also get that popping sound. …Continue reading →

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