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Tech News: Google Pack Adds StarOffice

Being an advocate of making services free to people, Google introduced the Google Pack a while ago. This Pack contains Google’s recommended software that should pretty serve you in most of your daily computing needs. One thing I like about the Google Pack is that you can customize the things you want included there. For one, I don’t like RealPlayer …Continue reading →

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How to Be Healthier by Walking 30 Minutes a Day

Unlike other forms of exercise, walking doesn’t demand too much from you. It’s just a natural physical activity that humans do. It’s not like basketball where you have to have at least the tangibles like a pair of sneakers and a basketball and a lot of intangibles like all the skills necessary to play the sport. But you can walk …Continue reading →

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How to Save through Smarter Buying

To some, saving means taking it to the extreme. As in always buying things on sale, pre-owned, and in flea markets or garage sales. Or just reuse and recycle stuff over and over again. Doing these will definitely allow you to save a lot. However, you can still save up on more than a few bucks and do it with …Continue reading →

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How to Make Coasters from Sculpey

Some people really have a thing against a glass/cup without a coaster under them. Those liquid stain circles are enough to drive them crazy. Well admit it, your beer can often leaves sticky stuff on your mom’s table (if you’re a bum still plaguing your folks). Instead of having to clean and scrub off dirt and beverage remnants off the …Continue reading →

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How to Rip Audio from Video Sharing Sites

Ever wanted to extract the audio from video sharing sites? This trick works only with sites using the FLV format. And here are two ways. UnPlug + FLV Extract. You can actually use any of the available FLV downloaders. I used to use VideoDownloader but I’ve found that UnPlug works better for me. After downloading the FLV video, you can …Continue reading →

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Download: How to Disable the Caps Lock Key in Windows

How-to Geek apparently doesn’t find a need for the Caps Lock key so why not disable the darned thing. Come to think of it, I haven’t really used it for a very long time. I prefer to use bold or italicized characters for emphasis and I always tend to just hold down the Shift key to work my way through …Continue reading →

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Small Business Tip: Employee Vs. Customer

One philosophy that plagues many a small business owner is that notion that “The customer is always right.” While total customer satisfaction should be one of the goals of your company, there may be cases where in you don’t have to consider everyone who enters your store a valued customer.

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Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs in the US

Now here’s an interesting bit. features the top ten highest paying jobs in the US according to the Department of Labor. Take note that in the actual list, eight out of the top ten are actually careers in the medical field. To narrow things down, they’ve taken the liberty to diversify the fields in the top 10, consolidating the …Continue reading →

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Tips on Swimming with Contact Lenses

It’s summer and a lot will still be hitting the pools. A good number of those who will taking a dip might be wearing contacts. Swimming with them demands just a bit more care and precaution.

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How to Remove Scratches and Smudges from CD Using a Banana

You read it. Yes, a banana. This is surely something that would rock the very fiber of my CD cleaning belief that all you need is a clean lint-free cloth and wipe the darned thing from the center outward in a straight line rotating the disc as you go along. But no, this features a real home remedy (and quite …Continue reading →

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